5/22 Texas Boys Weekly Fishing Report
May 22, 2020
Check out the new TBO Fishing and Outdoor Report. We are in touch with local captains every week to develop a detailed report for you guys before you head out on the water! Stay tuned as we gather real-time data from the professionals who are out doing it Texas Boys style every week. 

Let us know if you have any questions about specific locations, bait, or rig setups. This weekend is looking like rain coming in, y’all keep an eye out for that. Here’s what we’ve got for you this week! 



Reported by Captain Marcus Canales: Fishing has been good along grass lines and sand dropoffs. Knee to thigh deep water with the usual suspects, Down South paddle tails in Color x and white ice. Slow steady retrieve. Redfish have been up skinny near the shorelines, offering great sight casting opportunities.

Reported by Captain Daniel Land: We’ve been fishing for gulf ripple mullet or redfish in the upper laguna Baffin. The early bite has been good on top waters for catching bigger fish. As the day moves on we’ve been switching to soft plastic, from fat boy to a soft pine. We’ve been throwing Bass Assassin and Down South Lures, fishing over sand and rock, and on the bay. Croak fishing has been good on the edges and grass lines. 



Reported by Captain Bryan Brawner: Fishing had really started the transition into a good consistent late spring pattern this week but then here comes the flooding rains over the weekend. Hopefully, it will flush out quickly this week. We did not get as much as they forecasted but the rainfall up north that ends up in the Trinity River is the thing to watch. The bay water salinity has tested very fresh on the surface on most of East Bay areas, 5-7ppt, but trout have been getting better on deeper areas where there is good bait activity and better water clarity. Finding a lot of bait activity and slicks have been one of the keys to locating the fish. Live shrimp free lined has worked the best for clients with some larger fish coming on darker colored Down South soft plastics. I look for conditions to just get better as we get into late spring. Surf fishing can really turn on this time of year under the right conditions. It looks like that should be happening very soon. If you have taken a class, don’t forget to reach out for your included support as fish have really been transitioning into different areas with the freshwater slow to leave the bay.



Reported by Captain Erik Renteria: We’ve been fishing in the North and South jetties, catching lots of speckled trout, redfish, and sheepshead. We’re using live shrimp on a 3-foot rig, free shrimping is best! No cork, no nothin’! 


Reported by Captain Jake Ragnow: As spring comes to an end and summer begins, we start to see a big influx of small bait into our bays. Glass minnows, shad, and other finfish floods the bay and marsh giving predator fish easy access to lots of food. It’s a great time to throw live bait, and if you are throwing lures your best bet is to downsize to a small bait, usually working it fast and erratic. With all of the bait in the bays, finding feeding fish and getting reaction bite from them is key. Slicks and birds will often give up a trouts location this time of year, with all the shad they are eating feeding fish are going to throw slicks and you know they can’t be far. Good luck and stay safe.



Reported by Captain Caleb McCumber: Bites have been slow to fair with lures, unfortunately, the winds have made a lot of water unfishable. We resorted to fishing color streaks off the south shorelines with plastics on quarter ounce jig heads targetting shell out of the boat. When wading, I have been near drains that have shad and small twitch baits. Wading grass has produced desirable results on occasion! When the tide is higher, I have also been fishing for redfish in the ICW using gulp along the edges where I can find grass beds or flats with a decent drop off nearby. Check out Caleb’s YouTube channel for more: Capt Caleb TV



Reported by Captain Adam Jaynes: Fishing on Sabine continues to improve with good catches of trout falling for Chicken on a chain die dappers. Water clarity has been fluctuating quite a bit with the weather patterns but the trout bite has held steady. There’s been a lot of small fish mixed in but overall size has been improving as well. If we can stay on the drier side of things I believe fishing will just keep getting better!



Reported by Captain Brian Barrera: We are using DOA lures with 4-inch jerk baits, 3-inch shrimp, for redfish and trout right now. We are going for tarpon fishing a lot right now, using 8-inch curl tails, soft plastics, and live mullet out near the jetties! 


That’s all for this week’s report, y’all stay dry and stay tuned for more to come!