Hunting Seasons For Dummies!
February 12, 2020

Are you just getting into the hunting scene? Got your first taste of deer season and ready to dive into the world of hunting in the great outdoors? Before you saddle up and ride off into the wilderness to shoot your first buck, there are rules to follow and guidelines to go by! Not to worry, we’ve done the research for you. Here’s an easy timeline for the hunting seasons and a few rules to keep in mind for each.

Click here for the official 2019-2020 Hunting Season Dates, from Alligator to Woodcock!

In Texas, our most popular hunting game is the White-tailed Deer. Generally, deer season begins in late October to early November and ends in late January. There are a few restrictions that will apply according to which county you are in. Specifically, antler restrictions. There are statewide bag rules, which limit the number of bucks and deer you can hunt, depending on your county.

Dove hunting is a whole nother world of fun and game! Be sure to hunt with a valid license depending on your age, residency, and where/what you will be hunting. Dove season is typically beginning at the start of September and ending sometime in January, depending on your location in Texas. There is also a break between November and December. The Texas regulations and different kinds of birds can be viewed here.

And if you want to do Texas a favor, read all about feral hogs here and how you can help control the masses! These nasty animals are being found making a disaster of backyards and property throughout the state. Texas allows hunters to kill wild hogs year-round without limits!

If you have any more questions, we are happy to help with our Texas Boys Outdoors experience and knowledge!

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