7/2 Texas Boys Weekly Fishing Report
July 2, 2020

We are in touch with local captains every week to develop a detailed report for you guys before you head out on the water! Stay tuned as we gather real-time data from the professionals who are out doing it Texas Boys style every week. 

Let us know if you have any questions about specific locations, bait, or rig setups. We had quite a bit of rain recently. Here’s what we’ve got for you this week!



Reported by Daniel Land: We’re fishing over rocks and hard surfaces, drop off edges have been good. Early morning in the flats and sand pockets has been good. Morning time we are starting off with topwaters in shallow water, as the morning progresses we are moving a little deeper and switching to tails. Live croaker bait fishing we are throwing over deep rocks, deep drop-offs, and grass edges.



Reported by Captain Bryan Brawner: We have had a very windy week heading up to the holiday weekend. Fishing was tough with some 20+ mph sustained sw wind through mid week.  Most of East Bay was left dirty by the end of the week. We did have a great outing with Police officers and Texas Boys outdoors! We caught a lot of fish but not many keepers. Some of the party that was wading was able to get on some reds later in the morning. Mid bay reefs still are holding scattered specks when you can get to them so fishing should just get better between windy days. I have some weekdays still open in August and also some opportunities for classes. Classes are the Best time you will ever invest in to improve your fishing success for the long haul! I have added some special features this year!

Check out www.galvestoncoastalfishing.com for class opportunities with Captain Bryan!


Reported by Captain Jason Machala: The Crappie and hybrid have really slowed down in Conroe. The white bass are staying really really good on Lake Livingston on white or chartreuse Constant pursuit outfitters 1oz slabs on humps and drop-offs in 12-20’ FOW.



Reported by Captain Joe Swodoba: Redfish have been good on soft plastics. Down south lures have been my go-to lure. Trout have also been good on pop n cork with gulp shrimp. Drift fishing and wade fishing both have been producing!



Reported by Captain Caleb McCumber: When the winds have allowed, fish are still holding on the deeper shell. Redfish have been plentiful on the flats near grass and shell. Shad and shorebirds still remain key when looking for fish, while keeping an eye out for birds in the middle of the bay is also giving away mid-bay fish. Check out Caleb’s YouTube channel for more: Capt Caleb TV

Reported by Captain Hollis Forrester: We’ve been fishing on the deep shell beds drifting on the north side of the bay. Throwing mostly Down South and Bass Assassin plastics. We are using dark color lures due to the murky rainwater and wind. Generally, the deep shell beds are the only area we are catching concentrated fish. I have been catching them on live shrimp, too. Catching most of the fish around 9-10 am on the incoming tide.



Reported by Captain Rick Hammond: Flounder gigging has been good over the last week. Water clarity is improving, especially on nights with lower tide levels. We have been getting limits on most trips, and a few where we ended up short.  Fish size is good, holding steady around a 17” average, with a few in the 22-23” range this week. Trout fishing continues to be phenomenal right now, and wade fishing with live croaker and lures is working well.  Boat fishing on mid-bay reefs with live bait has been very effective recently.  Redfish continue to be harder to locate, typical for this time of year. Night Stalker Guide Service – Rockport, Texas nightstalkerguideservice.com 361-229-6053



Reported by Captain Adam Jaynes: May have to fight the wind a little currently but the redfish are schooling in open water. They can be tough to keep up with but if you can avoid spooking them with your outboard and use your trolling motor wisely the catching can last for hours. Heavy spoons, topwaters, and heavy jig heads rigged with your favorite plastic work great or whatever else you can cast a long ways!



Reported by Captain Brian Barrera: It’s been a little rainy. Trout fishing still catching a lot of trout, speckled trout on the color changes both shallow and deep on heavy jig heads with small soft plastics. Early morning has been decent, not great just yet, on top waters. Bottom bouncing jigs and deep structure has produced quality snook.

Reported by Captain Joe Prado: There has been a lot of rain so we haven’t been fishing as much. Top waters have seemed to be working better in these overcast conditions. Putting single hooks on topwaters, there’s a lot of floating grass. Red and white colors have been doing a lot better than any other color I’ve been throwing!

Reported by Captain Marcus Canales: Trout bite was hot early morning on live bait and soft plastics. Wade fishing thigh to waist deep along grass lines and drop-offs is still producing.  Late morning, drifting rock structure in deeper water with Stx-Ultimate cork with a gulp underneath was also producing strong bites. Visit www.mcoutfitterstexas.com for more information!

That’s all for this week’s report, y’all stay cool and check back with us next week!