5/29 Texas Boys Weekly Fishing Report
May 29, 2020

We are in touch with local captains every week to develop a detailed report for you guys before you head out on the water! Stay tuned as we gather real-time data from the professionals who are out doing it Texas Boys style every week. 


Let us know if you have any questions about specific locations, bait, or rig setups. Looks like Sunny in the 90’s this weekend. Here’s what we’ve got for you this week! 



Reported by Captain Daniel Land: Fishing has been great! We’ve been in the upper laguna to the Baffin Bay. Croaker fishing has been solid. We’ve been fishing over the rocks in the early morning and moving to the grass and sand pockets on the flats towards the middle of the day. As the day heats up, the fish are moving down so we switch to soft plastics with 16oz jigheads and fish over the deep drop-offs, working in the sand pockets over the rocks. The Down South lure with the Bass Assassin straight tail has been a great set up, using a knotty hooker 16oz jighead. 



Reported by Captain Bryan Brawner: Sounding like a broken record, but it looks like that we will possibly be continuing to deal with freshwater runoff in Galveston East Bay for several more days. At the time of writing, Lake Livingston Dam discharge is at 27,500 cfs but expected to be increased as the Trinity River rises due to flooding rains continuing up north. Local runoff is also on the increase with the daily downpours we have had. Water is fresh on most mid-bay reefs with fish pushed to more south shoreline areas. This will make more good days for those that wade fish.  

After the long holiday weekend, we returned to fishing and have been catching scattered specks in the bay from the boat this week, doing a lot of running as winds and water conditions change daily. We have been boating lots of small ones with the keepers being in the 15-16” range. 

Surf fishing is turning on now. Early morning catches with top waters and tails can be good when conditions are correct; light winds and clean water up to the beachfront.  



Reported by Captain Jason Machala: Right now we’re mostly wanting to fish for crappie. Holding anywhere between 10-17 feet over brush piles and standing timber. Using both minnows and jigs, minnows make it easier for kids! The best bite has been mid-morning and on. Also fishing for hybrid stripers and white bass, those have been decent bite in humps from 22-35 feet of water off of main lake points. I’ve been using jigging slabs and spoons, the white or silver color of them both. For the white bass, I’ve been putting a crappie jig about 18 inches above the white slab and catching doubles!



Reported by Captain Caleb McCumber: We have been catching good trout and reds both on the shorelines wading and back in the coves wading. Keying on smaller bait and watching for nervous water has been key. When boat fishing, deeper water over the scattered shell with both rat tail lures and live shrimp have produced acceptable results. Check out Caleb’s YouTube channel for more: Capt Caleb TV


Reported by Captain Hollis Forrester: Monday and Tuesday were great, we started off in the morning fishing the tides and fishing a strong incoming from 9-11 feet. Weight fishing has been poor, drift fishing has been a success! We’ve been using mostly down south roach color lures. Making long drifts on the northwest side of the bay shell ridges and banks. Pretty much by noon calling it quits. Either you fish the tides or you don’t fish at all! We’ve been catching trout and reds, mostly trout up to about 2-3 lbs on average. Redfish have been plentiful. No flounder unless we’re weight fishing, using 8 oz jigheads in that case.



Reported by Captain Adam Jaynes: Weather has run us off the water several times, our conditions are improving with water clearing up on the south end of the lake. Trout fishing is improving, size is getting a little better, the average is 15-18 inches, and some fish over 20 inches which is great! Catching fish on super spooks and sea shads.



Reported by Captain Brian Barrera: With the warmer weather, most of the fish have moved into deeper water. We’ve been catching a lot of speckled trout and redfish in the deeper water with corks and DOA shrimp. Since its kind of windy and wavy, we’ve been using either the corks or some kind of bait that makes noise or has a rattle in it. We’ve been fishing with corks for trout or bait for redfish on the bottom in the later afternoon which is working pretty good. Early morning topwater for snook is good right now! 



Reported by Captain Joe Prado: I’ve been around the three islands area, we are using 8oz jigheads with any color plastic. I like to use the Norton Sand Eel Juniors, my favorite colors this time of year is LSU purple, red/white, and tequila gold. Usually trying to fish in water about 3-4 feet deep, I like to find green water or go where the color changes. Fish where the bait is, cause that’s where the fish are!


That’s all for this week’s report, y’all stay dry and stay tuned for more to come! 

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